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Professional development is a sine qua non for all legal professionals who are entitled to carry on reserved legal activities. It is common knowledge among all legal professional that their activities are regulated. The regulatory framework for the regulation of legal services in England and Wales is set out in Part 3 of the Legal Service Act 2007 (LSA) of which section 12 sets out the six specific legal services that only the authorised (or those who are exempt) are entitled to provide.

The six services are:

  1. The exercise of a right of audience.
  2. The conduct of litigation.
  3. Reserved instrument activities.
  4. Probate activities.
  5. Notarial activities.
  6. The administration of oaths.

The regulatory framework for legal services in England and Wales is headed by the Legal Services Board (LSB), a body established under the LSA in 2007 of which Part 4 deals with “regulatory and representative functions of approved regulators”. The approved regulators (AR) have been required under the Act to separate their representative functions from the regulatory functions.

Thus, for solicitors the approved regulator (representative body) is the Law Society whereas the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is the independent regulatory body which is also the licensing authority.

For barristers the approved regulator (representative body) is the Bar Council and the Independent Regulatory body is the Bar Standard Board (BSB).

Similarly there are regulatory bodies for chartered legal executives (CILEX); licensed conveyancers; patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, cost lawyers, notaries and chartered accountants.

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