Recognized jurisdictions

Attorneys-at-Law of Sri Lanka is recognised as a route to become a Solicitor or a Barrister under the QLTT.

Training for the assessment

Kaplan are our sole authorised QLTS assessment authority. They do not provide training; however, some providers do. As the provision of training is unregulated it is important that you check with the training provider that it meets your requirement.

English Language requirement

You do not have to provide separate evidence of your English language skills before registering for an assessment. However, you should make sure your standard of written, spoken, reading and listening English is appropriate for the assessment otherwise you are unlikely to pass

When do foreign lawyers not need to register as RFLs?

If you are:

  • a lawyer qualified in the EEA/EU/Switzerland and seeking to qualify via Directive 2005/36/EC (Recognition of Professional Qualifications)
  • a lawyer qualified in Northern Ireland or Scotland
  • a barrister who has qualified in England and Wales who has completed a pupillage
  • someone who has successful completed the LPC in England and Wales

If you have successfully completed the Legal Practice Course, you can ask us for full exemption from the multiple choice test (MCT) assessment

you may be entitled to exemption from some or all of the assessments. This will depend upon the extent to which you have already met the Day One Outcomes. We will assess this based on the information which you include in your application to us.

You must successfully complete the QLTS assessments

The assessment will test the Day One Outcomes These set out the legal knowledge and skills which all solicitors must have at the point of qualification. There are two stages to the assessment:

Stage 1: Multiple Choice Test (MCT)

  • The MCT is a 5-hour 30-minute test with 180 questions
  • These are in two sessions of 2 hours 45 minutes each
  • They assess Part A of the Day One Outcomes
  • You must pass the MCT stage before you can progress onto the OSCE stage.

Stage 2: Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

  • Assesses parts C, D and F of the Day One Outcomes
  • Includes the following skills: interviewing, advocacy/oral presentations, legal research, legal drafting and legal writing in business, civil and criminal litigation, property, and probate.

Test Locations
For details of the test locations refer to the Kaplan website.

There are no restrictions on the number of times you can attempt the assessments.

Making your application

You will need to make your application by applying online in mySRA in the Solicitors Regulation Authority. First, you will need to create an account to log into mySRA

You may find it useful to have this guidance open in a separate device or browser to help you complete all the steps.

You will need to download the application and document index on the getting started page in mySRA before you can start to complete it.

When you are ready to submit your application click START APPLICATION on the Getting Started page to upload it, along with the Document Index and all supporting documents.

The application fee is £400. You will need to pay by debit or credit card at the end to complete the application.

We aim to decide within 180 days of receiving your application.